Border Control outsourced spam filter service

Spam and Virus email filtering

Border Control implement and support Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering Service. We can implement an outsourced email spam and anti virus filter security solution no matter how large or small your business to stop spam, viruses, phishing scams, worms and denial of service reaching your computers.

Hosted Email Filtering Concept

Your company email is diverted to Microsoft's Frontbridge email spam and virus filter for analysis, where it is scanned for viruses, spam, fraudulent scams (phishing), worms and all email risks. Once the email is checked, it is forwarded as normal to your existing email system free of spam and viruses. There are no changes at all to your existing setup, making this extremely easy to implement.

This spam blocking service offers total protection against spam, viruses, phising scams and all other junk e-mail.

Free 30 day trial

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Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering email security spam and anti virus filter is completely managed for you, there's no technical setup, and there is no hardware to install and no equipment to purchase at all. With just a simple mail exchange (MX) record change, e-mail will be routed to Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering.

Exchange Hosted Email Filtering can be used in conjunction with any e-mail server or e-mail client. We can implement POP3 collection or direct SMTP feed to your server. Don’t worry if you don’t know what MX records are, we can hand hold during this and speak to your IT people to make sure the change over is painless. You are not expected to have any technical knowledge and a helping hand is only an email or call away.

Spam email is removed to a secure area where it can be reviewed and forwarded if necessary to the intended recipient. Viruses are blocked and deleted.

In addition, the service provides tools for writing rules to help enforce corporate and regulatory policies governing e-mail usage and disaster recovery tools to queue mail for delivery in the event of an e-mail server outage.

Quick and easy setup

Junk mail stopper

Spam Filter Benefits

  • Blocks all email viruses and all email malware
  • Blocks identity theft, fraud, Phishing and virus emails
  • Spam Capture: Capture of at least 95% of all inbound spam email
  • False Positive Ratio: False positive commitment of less than 1 in 250,000 emails
  • No software to download or install
  • Keep your own email addresses
  • Network uptime: 99.999%
  • Virtually no impact to legitimate e-mail from incorrect filtering
  • Comprehensive set of SLAs backing network performance and spam/virus filtering effectiveness

Email Scanning Features

Anti Virus
Protects your IT system from email borne viruses and other malicious code by using multiple antivirus engines and heuristic detection

Anti Spam
Block spam by layering anti spam technologies, the anti spam filter detects all types of spam before they reach the corporate network.

Policy Enforcement
Provides administrators with a highly flexible policy rule-writer to regulate e-mail flow for compliance.

Disaster Recovery
Ensures that no e-mail is lost by instantly and automatically queuing messages for later delivery if your e-mail server is unavailable.

The Network Advantage
Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services are powered by a global network of data centres based on a fault-tolerant and redundant architecture and are load balanced both site to site and internally within each data centre.